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Weber Kettle Grill
Add on Kit 
Add on kits do not come with grill,
spit rod , motor or ring extension

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Sets with 19" Skewers- 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2" Spit rod - Silver $74.95 
  Sets with 24" Skewers- 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2" Spit rod - S
ilver $82.95
3/8" and 1/2" Silver kits, fit hex and square spit rods!

      The Rotisserie Master is a new innovative way to rotisserie on a charcoal kettle grill, or gas grills.
       The Rotisserie Master universal add on kit was designed to add 2 more additional skewers, to cook your favorite foods. Simply slide onto your existing rotisserie spit rod. The kits are made to fit a 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2"  rotisserie spit rod. It is a fun new way to rotisserie larger quantities of meats on a charcoal grill, or on propane/gas grills. 
       The rotisserie add on kit, is great for cooking  rotisserie chicken, rotisserie chicken wings and all kinds of rotisserie meats, like rotisserie lamb and rotisserie pork and beef tenderloins.
        The single set comes with 2 skewers, 4 meat prongs, stabilizing collar , a solid bar, and a unique locking bar, for simply adding and removing  skewers with ease.
        The single set will add 36" of additional cooking surface to your existing spit rod.  Your single rotisserie spit rod has a cooking surface of approximately 18". The Rotisserie Master add on unit, allows you to have 54" of additional rotisserie rod surface. That allows you to cook 3x the amount of meats at a single time.
      You can add a single or multiple kits, on your spit rod. Which will give you 2 , 4 or 6 extra skewers per spit rod. 
      The rotisserie add on kits are a great addition to your rotisserie by cooking a variety of  meats at one single time.
       If you never cooked on a rotisserie, you don't know what your missing.  The enjoyment of cooking on a rotisserie is amazing. It's more amazing with the Rotisserie Master! 
      Use your time and energy wisely. If you are going to spend the time using a rotisserie. Cook more food in the same amount of time with less gas or charcoal energy!      
      Try out your next chicken wing BBQ with your friends and family, using the Rotisserie Master add on kit! 

             It is Amazing!
             Rotisserie Master

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